You Are The Universe Bionic Fiber Collar

eye-catching prints

- Product Details

With both the function and design sense of the sleeve, it is not only a good partner for the cool feeling of the mountain and the sea, but can also be a fashionable matching item to increase the visual intensity and sense of wear.


The seemingly unconnected elements are integrated with eye-catching prints, have you seen it? These huge or small things build the world, and you are the universe, you are the best you all the time, and build a balanced life exclusively for you!


Why skin-friendly?


Let you feel what is meant by "the king's new clothes", a brand new skin touch that is cool and moisturizing. Marine collagen peptides extracted from recycled milkfish scales are made into fabrics. Pass the skin sensitivity and skin irritation test, suitable for sensitive skin and babies!


Product/Fabric Content




Product Care 

Laundry Guide:Hand Wash


- Fit Details (Model/Product)


50 * 24.5 CM


Size:One Size


Model Size

Model/ Li Can

Height: 170 cm 

Bust: 78.74 cm 

Waist: 60.96 cm 

Hips: 86.36 cm 

Shoulder width: 35.56 cm

Weight: 48 kg