See Through Stretching Top

Garment for the rebels, sociopaths, kinkies. Madly tailored by an obsessive and compulsive designer. Started from 2011.
We specialize in structure, cutting and pattern. Through flawless lines built by experienced skills. We have everything you’re looking for exclusively here in INF.

"Culture as the foundation, fashion as the carrier"
Focusing on conveying the story of Taiwan, from the early general store to modern convenience supermarkets and mass merchandisers, it covers the culture and changes of nearly 80-100 years as the blueprint of the story, conveying the people and society of Taiwan; the general store printing series Inspired by the cultural elements of Taiwan’s early general store, including the most classic cigarette bureau iron plates, etc. have become design elements. Many modern convenience store barcodes, manufacturing dates, etc. are also used. The series of works incorporate Grunge Art. The brushstrokes of the style and modern techniques re-depict the ancient taste with a sense of fashion, breaking the existing typographic concept, and presenting a "postmodernist" art style with a strong black color with rebellious, deconstructed, and unfinished techniques Humorous.
See through tighten top for coordinate with other garments.
|**Washing Methods**|
Do Not Tumble Dry