The Panther Bracelet

One size

Sterling silver bracelet with a hook clasp. Wear this sterling silver bracelet with your favourite T-shirt or just as well with a silk dress at a mediterranean sunset.

• Recycled sterling silver.
• Length: 17cm.
• One size*.

* Customisable, please simply get in touch.

The S.P.Q.R. collection is a celebration of the brave ones. The collection draws its inspiration from the favourites of the Roman and Byzantine empires, while offering a contemporary interpretation of the staple pieces. Silver, gold, gemstones and lion-headed symbols of the brave for the warriors in us.

Each piece is handcrafted to order, therefore please allow 15 to 20 business days for us to create your bespoke piece.

It is within YU STEPANEL's principles of sustainability and slow fashion promotion that most of the products are created upon request in order to address the issues of overproduction and overconsumption.