Pleated Mini Skirt


This A-line mini skirt is cut from 100% organic cotton, with pleats inspired by school uniforms and a side zipper closure. It snugs the waist to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette. The print is a digitized version of one Marc Martha’s drawings.


Fabric: Organic cotton.

Care Instructions: Can be machine washed and ironed. 

Made in Belgium.


Size and fit are based on the EU size chart.



About the brand:

MARTHA is not just an individual, but more like an organic entity, a collaborative organization of creatives working under the same aesthetic and artistic direction.

Drawing a clear inspiration from its Caribbean and African heritage, MARTHA brings a new take on luxury. Reshaping traditional garments and giving new meaning to the things we don’t value today. A soft elegance combined with a bold colour palette are core to the brand, encouraging self-empowerment and self-expression.

About the collection:


MARTHA Imagines a future where there is a sole survivor, a black woman that reconnects with her tribal heritage to look for ways to rebuild and reconstruct what is left over from the world. In this process she finds a deeper connection with the organic. The fields, once only used and abused, become one with the sole survivor. Her offspring are formed from dust and take just after her, kind yet strong, energetic yet gentle, youthful yet knowledgeable.

In the old world the colourful plastic elements ended up in landfills where they survived more then a hundred years. Now they have been given a new life, a new interpretation.