Nomad Trousers

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Designer Nomad trousers with three sizes in one are a versatile clothing item that can adapt to different body shapes and sizes. These trousers are designed with an adjustable waistband that can be tightened or loosened using buttons, allowing the wearer to customize the fit according to their waist size. No stress for loosing or gaining wait during the holidays, no alterations required!

Collection: Prima
Product name: Nomad Trousers
Color: Navy Blue
Available in: navy blue, rose red, peach, powder and more/ in silk or taffeta.
Outer fabric: Silk
Fabric country of origin: Italy
Product care: Dry clean only
Made-to-measure (3 sizes in one: actual size +1/-1)

About the brand:

Born and raised in Central Asia and then moving to Europe made Sergazi’s designs something of a fusion of East and West, where she blends traditional techniques of textile production (by working closely with artisans and weavers in Central Asia to develop new fabrics and patterns, mixing them with traditionally made cashmere and luxury textiles produced by established manufacturers in Europe, mainly Italy and France, exporting best quality silk from China and beads/crystals and other supplies from Japan) with contemporary silhouettes and materials.

The brand aims to revive the traditions of Italian craftsmanship and Central Asian heritage.

“For me, the greatest treasure of all is people. I love people. I love to listen to incredible stories of lives, all different and diverse. And my brand is about people. About human destinies, about unique life paths - these are the bands on the inner lining that I callthe pathways of life woven of memories, hopes and dreams”, the bands that tell incredibly beautiful stories about destinies, unique, inimitable. My brand is about the cyclical nature of life...About intertwined or parallel destinies...About memories, dreams for the future, our hopes.” (Sergazi)

Like a storyteller weaving a tapestry of words, Sergazi Firenze use the inside lining as a canvas- a medium to bring the stories into life, creating the works of art that capture the essence of the human experience, the narrative to speak to the soul.
In a world where so much is vying for our attention, Sergazi's work stands out as a quiet oasis, a reminder to slow down and to appreciate the beauty that lies just beneath the surface. By creating works of art that are hidden and understated, Sergazi Firenze is inviting the viewer to discover their own hidden gems, to find the beauty in the world around them, and to connect with the shared humanity that binds us all together.
“My work is a celebration of the journey, it is a powerful tribute to the human experience, a celebration of the many paths that shape our destinies. It is a reminder of the power of memory, hope, and dreams to guide us on our journey through life, and a testament to the beauty and complexity of the human spirit.

Art has the power to transcend language and cultural barriers, reaching across borders and connecting people from all walks of life. By creating art that tells the stories of human destinies, I believe I could be instrumental in part to create a more compassionate and empathetic world, one that celebrates our shared humanity and honors the unique journeys that each of us is on.”