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Garment for the rebels, sociopaths, kinkies. Madly tailored by an obsessive and compulsive designer. Started from 2011.

We specialize in structure, cutting and pattern. Through flawless lines built by experienced skills. We have everything you’re looking for exclusively here in INF.

With the inspiration of Taiwanese old school general store, INF 21AW “Time Machine “incorporated Grunge Art element into retro design with modern twist including the classic TTL (Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation) plates. With Kuo Wei’s admiration for The father of Grunge Art – David Carson, he showcase his Postmodernism artistic black humor through the process of deconstruction, rebellion and unfinished design techniques.
As always, INF revolutionize the traditional design drawing from constant reconstruction so as to come up his versatile series “One for all” together with Grunge Art style leaving the fabric untrimmed as high light. The pattern has several design revamps of convenience storefront outlook and logo adding Chinese characteristics, ink splashing, grease staining arrangement.  With the aim of provoking black humor through Grunge Art design, you will find detail of electric embroidery taglines like “High end couture, craftmanship, made to measure, unique and original and quality guarantee”.
In order to achieve more comfortable wearing experience, the cutting pattern is based on the cylindrical and oversize silhouette, but we have carefully designed the ingenuity at the joint of the side seam and the sleeve: the side cutting will narrow down gradually until it reaches the joint of the sleeve in a straight line. Narrowing allows the overall visual to maintain the oversize looseness and rebellious feeling, but it can also bring out a slim fit feeling without losing the classic atmosphere of a formal shirt.
The white shirt series of prints are made by combining the names of stores and products from Taiwan’s early age. This style of Grunge Art boldly presents the vision of the designer Kuo Wei with disordered Chinese characters, splash ink, oil stains, and other typography. It matches the pattern on the clothing, designing a circular shape mimicking a single eye facing portrait, showing the rebelliousness and sense of humor in the core value of the INF brand. The aesthetic of the outer layer extends up and the shirt lapel is integrated with the structure and layout. The graphic layout details also incorporate traditional slogans that pay tribute to the old slogan of this collection, "high fashion, precision accessories, tailor-made, hand-made, unique craftsmanship, excellent quality" and other traditional slogans imitates the early Chinese writing style from right to left.
Polyester 100%
|**Washing Methods**|
Normal Wash
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry