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Kumba Denim Artistry Tote


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Elevate your accessory collection with the “Kumba” tote, a true embodiment of denim artistry. This gender-neutral tote is crafted from artistically manipulated denim fabric, showcasing a unique blend of creativity and sophistication. The intricate denim manipulation adds a touch of individuality to the design, making it a statement piece for any fashion enthusiast. With ample space and a sturdy build, the “Kumba” tote effortlessly combines style and practicality, making it the perfect companion for both casual outings and chic events.

Model Wears A UK Size 6.

Care recommendations:

Hand or machine wash

Size Chart:
One size fits all

About the collection:

“ Manus x Machina” CH. III

We are thrilled to introduce our latest collection, Manus X Machina III, where artistry and innovation converge to create a stunning tapestry of design. This collection is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries, weaving together the beauty of ancient West African hairstyles with modern fashion aesthetics and sustainable technology.

At the heart of Manus X Machina III is our dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability. The collection features pieces crafted from in-house manipulated fabrics, showcasing the transformative power of creative ingenuity. Each garment tells a story of tradition meeting modernity, celebrating the rich heritage of West African hairstyling techniques.

In our pursuit of inclusivity, Manus X Machina III proudly introduces menswear and gender-neutral pieces, ensuring that our collection resonates with a diverse audience. Moreover, we are excited to present a new addition to our offerings – bespoke tote bags that embody the same ethos of artistry, sustainability, and functionality.

As you explore Manus X Machina III, immerse yourself in a world where every thread is carefully considered, every design is a nod to the past and a step into the future. We invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey.

The Brand

The Joseph Ejiro Brand Is A Luxury Womenswear And Menswear Fashion House That Focuses On Translating Art Into Wearable Fashion.

The Joseph Ejiro Brand Thrives On Sophistication And Luxury Using Sustainable Practices To Meet The Needs Of Its High End Customers And Clientele. The Brand Takes Pride In Its Made In Nigeria Stamp And Cherishes The Rare And Refined Level Of Skills That We Poses: From Ready-To-Wear Pieces To Couture Creations, Everything Starts Here.