Granite Linen Scarf

Granite  linen scarf is an elegant piece that  is easy to blend in with most outfits. Classic gift or personal purchase for all round the year, this hand woven scarf also supports artisans directly. 
Due to the raw texture of plant based linen yarn used , it has a beautiful translucent appeal and intentionally left undyed in certain portion of the textile. Each piece is dipped into earth friendly dyes by hand , making this scarf a timeless unisex piece.
Material: 100% linen from Belgium.
Size:  90 X 200 cm  ( large drape ) ​
Color:  Granite dark grey color & a portion is left undyed.
Artisan Base: Hand woven by artisans in Nepal
Wash care: Gently hand wash with cold water and hang dry or delicately dry clean only.

What Makes Your Purchase Sustainable ?
  • Certified Eco Swiss Dyes used.
  • Support employment of women artisans.
  • 100% handmade manufacturing process by artisans.
  • Use only 100% natural + biodegradable responsibly sourced materials.
  • Small batch production ensures higher quality &  less wastage.
  • Each product comes in reusable cotton pouches also made by our artisans.