Deconstructed Garter Belt Suit


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Garment for the rebels, sociopaths, kinkies. Madly tailored by an obsessive and compulsive designer. Started from 2011.
We specialize in structure, cutting and pattern. Through flawless lines built by experienced skills. We have everything you’re looking for exclusively here in INF.
The inspiration of the 2022 Spring/Summer collection comes from the concept of translation and transformation, “translate (transform) 2D to 3D, translate (transform) people to soul, translate (transform) hate to love.” We learn to see things from different perspectives through translation and transformation, and the essence of an event is not that absolute. We have also obtained some unexpected gains in the process of translation and transformation, which is different from a little happiness in life, it is learning to see the world with a more macro and open-minded perspective. 
Details of the collection was inspired by elements such as early local beliefs and local monsters in Taiwan, and collaborating with the most famous domestic animation ”Grand Mother & Her Ghost” — which will be re-released in the theater this December —- and characters from the movie such as Kuro (the cat), Xiaobian (the snake), Apple (the soul of a little girl holding a doll) are used as inspiration and elements in the collection. By paying tribute to the film editing technology “Montage”, characters are combined with handwritten brushstrokes, which can be seen in the local folk beliefs in Taiwan, in a collage method to create a full and colorful print.
In addition to showing local beliefs and culture and early customs in Taiwan through fashion, this season also uses the painting technique of "Trompe L'oeil", which turns 2D into 3D. We constantly observe the changes in light and shadow of daily fashion, and transform them into different shades of color blocks to imitate the light and shadow and details in the characters of “Grand Mother & Her Ghost”, and apply them to create a print on the garment, make you look like a come-to-life animation character when you put on the whole outfit.
The plane (2D) looks like a three-dimensional (3D), which echoes the theme of this season:  Translate. By translating and flipping the charm in 2.5D between the plane and the three-dimensional, a modern print which is full of personality and a little cuteness is created.  INF is constantly "taking culture as the foundation and fashion as the carrier", and reinterprets the diverse cultures and stories of Taiwan's ancient and modern times through the production of clothing collections.
INF continues their signature deconstruction pattern and cutting. A transformable and mult-ways garment is created by constantly deforming and reshaping traditional patterns. Representative clothing of men and women are being deformed and reshaped in this season, and represented as the combination of miniskirt and shirt, or styling garters and sock with suit, etc. The softness in masculinity and toughness in women are presented through combining the characteristics of garments in two genders, shaping the brand’s philosophy of unisex.
The cutting is based on formal suit jacket. A flap is extended from the left front after deforming and reshaping the formal jacket with garter belt. It looks like a waistcoat comes out of the jacket when the hook and eyes are fastened and the hem of the waistcoat just looks like a garter belt and decorated with an iron ring. The flap is movable, it can be fixed to the bodies through fastening the hook and eyes to become a layer to the jacket. The flap will come to the side body when the hook and eyes are unfastened because of weight. Two functional pockets are added and a slit on the back not only provides ease for movement, but also prevents the hem of the suit from covering the hips too much and causing excessive wrinkles.
This garment can be matched with formal trousers or casual fitting floor length wide pants to show the cutting of the jacket, or it can be styled with the most common deconstructed wide pants or pleated pants in the brand to create layers. Ladies can style the garment with skirts for ladies to show a low-key yet gorgeous aesthetic.
Wool 40%
Nylon 57%
Spandex 3%
|**Washing Methods**|
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry

|** Model 175cm / 60kg / M **|