Barcode Embroidery Shirt


Garment for the rebels, sociopaths, kinkies. Madly tailored by an obsessive and compulsive designer. Started from 2011.

We specialize in structure, cutting and pattern. Through flawless lines built by experienced skills. We have everything you’re looking for exclusively here in INF.

P 100%

The white version is different from the black version, which is inspired by the old-fashioned grocery shop. Instead, the convenience stores and hypermarkets in the mid-20th century of Taiwan's retail industry are used as inspiration. Various symbols are generated in response to the product safety era, such as barcodes for goods, date of manufacture and indication of ingredients are embroidered on the clothes by electric embroidery, just like meme culture on the Internet nowadays. It not only has a humorous and satirical effect on the times, but also let the white simple shirts looks more refined and full of story. It brings refreshment to the person who wears it and it makes people wonder and want to explore the story behind the garment.

#White Is New Black

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