Oceana in Watermelon

Temple Detail:
with Temple Pattern Design
Plain Temple (No Temple Pattern Design)
Stylish, medium-sized cat eye retro style sunglasses in a light green acetate with seashell speckled pink accents and olive green 100% UV protected lenses. Stainless steel. Temples can be shaped (customized/adjusted) to fit narrow and wide faces. Handmade and premium-quality materials.
[Please Note: There are (2) temple style options available. Temple Pattern vs. Plain Temple]
SIZE: 51mm x 20mm x 145mm
Handmade Sunglasses. Premium-Quality Materials.
Available in (TWO) temple style options:
-Minimal (No Temple Pattern
- A Little 'Extra' Flash (with Temple Pattern)
Oceana is a two-toned style representing the flow of morning to sunset as you go from one adventure to the next. A medium-sized, yet slim-fit cat eye shape that is colorful and playful is sure to suit many faces.
While swimming or boating along the archipelago, Oceana captures the sparkling reflections of the sun across the sea in a neatly organized geometric temple pattern.
Inspired by the flora and fauna of the Galápagos Islands.
In Ancient Egypt, the rose was often linked to the Goddess of Love, Iset (famously known by her Greek name, Isis). It was believed that this flower held magical healing powers and was also an aphrodisiac.
We hope this temple charm will add more love, luck, and beauty to your day.
(Available to Rx at your local licensed optician)
We Ship International!
- Premium-Quality Light Green Acetate with Seashell Speckled Pink Accents
- 100% UV Protection Olive Green Lens
- Light Gold Metal Accents & Details
- Signature Music Note Temple Charm
- Rose Temple Charm with Peridot Rhinestone
- Logo Temple Plaque
- Handwritten "Los Angeles" Logo- Stainless Steel Hinges & Metal Parts
- Durable & Flexible
- Sustainable, Handmade Sunglass Case (Made in Los Angeles)
- Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Protective Box (Made in Los Angeles)
- Microfiber Cloth with Embossed Logo Design (6"x7")
- Please Note: Sunglasses Are Imported