Women’s Designer Fashion

Explore the collection of women’s luxury fashion with exclusive made-to-order designs. Uncover contemporary clothing and statement accessories from emerging artists in over 150 countries to find your unique essentials today.

Women’s high-end fashion collections

NJAL is the world’s shop window for contemporary luxury fashion with lines from over 50,000 emerging designers worldwide. Browse the women’s collections and uncover high-end items available to buy before it’s seen anywhere else. Choose from an array of cutting-edge designs in jackets, jumpsuits, and dresses to add a new statement piece to your wardrobe. Refresh essentials with exclusive knitwear and tops, or find the missing element to your iconic ensemble in our shoes and bag collections.

How to wear women’s designer outfits

The range of our collections allows you to invest in various high-end pieces tailored to your style. Step out in exclusive designs head-to-toe with an iconic evening dress and an elegant pair of heels for a memorable, artful touch. Consider dressing it down by adding designer sneakers and a contemporary bomber jacket. For women searching to accessorize one of their timeless ensembles, add a luxury handbag or small leather accessory to refresh your iconic style. Many of our items come made-to-order, so you can rest assured our premium products drape as designed.

Custom fashion for every woman

Our women’s collections provides a vast array of luxury clothing items and exclusive accessories suited to every style. Express your bold creativity with our vibrant jumpsuits or an eye-catching statement piece from our high-fashion jewelry lines. For those who prefer minimalist additions, our fine jewelry consists of an array of pieces perfect for timeless wardrobes. Or, simply add a statement belt to your carefully crafted wardrobe for an unforgettable accessory. For streetwear style, explore custom-made activewear to pair unique loungewear with designer sneakers.

Why shop luxury womenswear

Shopping with Not Just A Label is an investment into a sustainable future. Not only is NJAL a marketplace to discover one-of-a-kind pieces, but it is also a platform that encourages designers to practice sustainability when crafting their unique designs. Purchasing an item from one of our creative producers is a conscious step towards an industry where support for ethically sourced, luxury slow-fashion is emphasized. Uncover our women’s high-end collections and elevate your creative style today.