Syd - Tortoise

SYD - Tortoise

Inspired in neo-futurism, this industrial mask-like fashion eyewear model has been dedicated to visual and conceptual futuristic artist Syd Mead whose designs recall a science fiction rationalism, so architecturally detailed they seem almost reproducible in the real world, other than his well-known sci-fi movies like Tron, Blade Runner and Alien.

Like all our products, these eyeglasses are entirely handmade in Italy by genuine artisans who combine traditional craftsmanship with a high- technology manufacturer, pursuing the highest quality standards.


Size: 52mm x18mm x 145mm
Total frame width: 138mm
Material: Acetate + Stainless steel temples 
Finish: Brushed Satin

Care and info:

For cleaning, use a soft cloth suitable for sensitive surfaces. Use only mild and non-abrasive soap. DO NOT use any type of solvent or alcohol for cleaning.