Lori - Yellow

Lori - Yellow

Lori Herbersger, the Swiss artist who inspired PORTRAIT Neon’s most feminine icon, not only uses light tubes in his art but also considers the reflections and interaction with the objects around them. And so, this shape remarks the beholder’s uniqueness, interacting through fearless colors and lenses, translucent games that leave the face who wears it, most of the credit to a meaningful result.

Like all our products, these sunglasses are entirely handmade in Italy by genuine artisans who combine traditional craftsmanship with a high-technology manufacturer, pursuing the highest quality standards.


Size: 45mm x 24mm x 145mm
Total frame width: 150mm 
Material: Acetate
Finish: glossy

Care and info:

For cleaning, use a soft cloth suitable for sensitive surfaces. Use only mild and non-abrasive soap. DO NOT use any type of solvent or alcohol for cleaning.