Las Iguanas in Tidepool

Stylish, classic retro oval shaped navy blue metal sunglasses with speckled acetate details. Temples can be shaped (customized/adjusted) to fit narrow and wide faces. Handmade and premium-quality materials.
SIZE: 50mm x 21mm x 140mm
Handmade Sunglasses. Premium-Quality Materials.
Las Iguanas is a timeless, unisex oval shape with creative details that simulate the textures and features of the islands' most prominent lizard species. This style is sure to adapt and survive the test of time, such as the Marine Iguana.
The Marine Iguana species can only be found on the Galápagos Islands. It is the only lizard species on Earth that lives on land, but swims in the sea to forage and feed on algae. Through evolution, it's snout has been perfectly formed for this task; which inspired our nosebridge shape. Perched on a bed of lava rock, basking in the sun, the iguana has claimed it's territory along each coast of the archipelago.
(Available to Rx at your local licensed optician)
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- Premium-Quality Navy Blue Metal Frame with Speckled Acetate Accents
- 100% UV Protection, Grey-Blue Gradient Lens
- Gold Metal Accents & Details
- Signature Music Note Temple Charm
- "T+I" Logo Temple Charm
- Logo Temple Plaque
- Handwritten "Los Angeles" Logo
- Stainless Steel Hinges & Metal Parts
- Durable & Flexible
- Sustainable, Handmade Sunglass Case (Made in Los Angeles)
- Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Protective Box (Made in Los Angeles)
- Microfiber Cloth with Embossed Logo Design (6"x7")
- Please Note: Sunglasses Are Imported