Joaquin - Black

Joaquin - Black

Re-evaluating the technical aviator-racer genre, PORTRAIT Joaquin recalls machine strength through the acetate. It's double-bridge contoured with vintage authorship reminds us of the tough-hazardous spirit the engine world encompasses.

Dedicated to the American actor, producer, music video director, musician, and activist Joaquin Phoenix; the shape takes inspiration from its mockumentary “I am Still Here”, based in Las Vegas. An interesting independent movie experiment where excesses and the life-of-an-actor’s decline expresses criticism with irony, stripping a celebrity out as an anti-hero.

Like all our products, these sunglasses are entirely handmade in Italy by genuine artisans who combine traditional craftsmanship with a high-technology manufacturer, pursuing the highest quality standards.


Size: 56mm x 21mm x  145mm
Total frame width: 146mm 
Material: acetate + acetate inlays 
Finish: glossy

Care and info:

For cleaning, use a soft cloth suitable for sensitive surfaces. Use only mild and non-abrasive soap. DO NOT use any type of solvent or alcohol for cleaning.