Earrings Lady Day


100% Sterling Silver, Silver Coated

These earrings are made in cooperation with Viennese Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith Katharina Schmid.
To make them as light as possible, the pieces of the body are cut from thin silver sheet, moulded and brazed by hand. The silver wire is fixed on one side of the body and has a hidden tube fastening on the other side, for pierced ears.
The dimensions of one earring are: 5cm width, 3,5cm body hight, 5,5cm full length, 1,6cm deep, weight 11g
Made of 925 sterling silver, the pieces are additionally silver plated to protect the silver underneath from oxidising too fast.

These earrings are carefully handcrafted by goldsmith Katharina Schmid in her studio in Vienna, Austria.