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Chokhcha: chokha is a traditional male woolen coat worn in the Caucasus region. People widely used it from the 9th century till the early 20th. And when the Soviets rules the area, the usage of chokha declined. Today, it’s mainly used for festive and ceremonial occasions.

Chokhcha bag is inspired with Georgian traditional clothes "Chokha".

These design is registered at the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia, Sakpatenti, as having a rare design with no replica elsewhere in the world.

Material: Natural leather

Colour: Red

Belt size: 110 cm

sizes: Height – 34 cm (13.3 inch)
Length – 15 cm (5.9 INCH)
Thickness – 6 cm (2,3 inch)

Pockets: 3

USE FOR: Perfect for traveling, festivals, concerts, events, shows, shopping, short walk, bike ride, sport activities.