GOLDEN RAY necklace // Golden Healer Quartz

45 cm/17 inch
50 cm/19 inch
55 cm/21 inch
60 cm/23 inch
65 cm/25 inch
70 cm/27 inch

GOLDEN HEALER QUARTZ is a powerful crystal with magnifying and healing properties. 
Being in contact with this stone aids to restore unbalanced energy. 
It raises the frequency higher and activates healing on all levels.
The Golden Healer Quartz crystal brings personal power and attracts success in business and finances.

This exclusive collection of personal artefacts, have been created to be at service and enhance the wearers self power.

The contrast between the natural stone and the clean cut setting, makes this an unusual sleek raw crystal necklace that will be noticed.

An architecture background and a strong attraction to mineral species has been the starting point for creating this minimalist jewellery collection. 

All our necklaces are designed and handcrafted at OM D’EON studio in Krakow.

Crystal used in it's original morphology, preserving the highest molecular frequency which optimises the performance of transmuting the electromagnetic fields and adds the attribute of exclusivity to each piece.

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Materials: Lemurian Golden Healer Quartz crystal (Brazil), brass/gold-plate setting, brass/gold-plate chain.

Raw crystal in its natural form and tone.

Handcrafted in Poland.