Waist-Hollowed Wide Trousers


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Garment for the rebels, sociopaths, kinkies. Madly tailored by an obsessive and compulsive designer. Started from 2011.
We specialize in structure, cutting and pattern. Through flawless lines built by experienced skills. We have everything you’re looking for exclusively here in INF.
This season was inspired by Taiwan’s firecracker festival. Through Deforming the orthodox pattern, we create lots of concentric & radially circle shapes. Not only inherit the brand’s Deconstructed style, but also present the multi-wear function of each piece. In this multi-gender era, INF continually focuses on reshaping the classic style from 2 genders to maintain the neutral philosophy of sexual as a brand DNA.
We deconstructed the orthodox floor pants into a more trendy and avant-garde style. The right pocket of the trousers has been deforming into hollow and straps, the hollow brings out more conceptual vibe and also tiny bit of sexiness, and the extended straps could be use to buckle up through shoulder with the one extended from the back, could be also use to hang on the side as a decoration to create more layers.
Legend has said that during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty (1885), there was a big plague in the Yanshuei District. The people prayed for miracles to come, and set off firecrackers along the way until dawn. After the pilgrimage was over, the Yanshuei District epidemic subsided, and the people were grateful for the grace of God. Every year the fireworks was followed and developed into today's Yanshuei Beehive fireworks Festival.
This season, inspired by the Yanshuei Beehive fireworks Festival, to play with the pattern and printing of the clothing. Concentric circles structures are used to pay tribute to the blooming of the beehive fireworks, and the structure of scattering and gathering is used. Inheriting the unique feature of the INF brand "multiple wear in one garment", Created a variety of functional designs that continue the deformation of the concentric circle structure; in addition to playing with the Taiwanese Yanshuei Beehive fireworks with the structural characteristics of INF, INF also collaborate with international installation artists to forge an art installation that reproduces the appearance of being in Yanshuei Beehive fireworks Festival array through sound, light and digital technology, and advocated a zero-pollution and more environmentally friendly form of Beehive fireworks Festival performance.
In the post-epidemic era, INF, through the combination of fashion and Bee hive fireworks culture, advocated the concept of Bee hive fireworks pilgrimage to disperse the epidemic and every cloud has a silver lining. This season's theme "Kî-Tó" is a pronunciation in Taiwanese of the word prayer, praying that through the digital fashion Beehive fireworks Festival of this season, it can also dispel the end of the epidemic for us and let us live again.
Wool 40%
Polyester 57%
Spandex 3%
|**Washing Methods**|
Normal Wash
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry

|** Model 188cm / 71kg / M **|