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The MICHONE boots were inspired by the character Michone from the series "Walking Dead" - they have a design and cut made up of 2 pieces, making it simple and at the same time easy to put on and adjust to the foot.

MICHONE TECH are super comfortable, waterproof and great for long walks – available in turquoise with sole in the same colour and black with white sole.

The textile used in these boots is made by a Portuguese awarded factory in the sustainability field with a high-quality technical textile - the base of the textile is a 100% cotton mesh covered with pieces of cork, creating a sandy texture and being fixed by a sustainable and waterproof coating based on water.


- Vegan approved by PETA®

- Exterior in high-quality technical textile;

- Lining in anti-perspirant and anti-odour recycled & vegan microfiber;

- Comfort Insole in polyurethane sponge;

- Sole in natural rubber.

Marita Moreno’s Vegan Line is 100% free from use of animals and animal cruelty.

Designed and made in Portugal in a Sustainable and Ethical perspective way - using only portuguese factories and handmade crafts to create its designs.